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girlshawnie ([personal profile] girlshawnie) wrote2017-01-07 02:17 am

New Blog

This is a new place and I'm looking forward to creating a long lasting relationship with dreamwidth.
I don't have a whole lot to say. I write to clear my mind when I'm stressed out and I don't really feel stressed out. I'm lonely, frantic about not working, but not stressed.

I worry I'm going to lose my car because I have no money to pay for it but it's happened in the past. I'll be sad so no big whoop. Well I take that back. It is a big deal I'm just not pouring a ton of emotional energy into it.

I'm not putting a lot of emotional energy into anything. I've been working to help the man back from a long road of hell.

I guess I'll keep this open until my friends move over from lj.